Cancer Council calls for restricted cigarette access

Cancer Council NSW is calling on the NSW government to limit the availability of tobacco outlets after a new report has revealed that the constant access to cigarettes is trapping smokers into a cycle of temptation and enticing children to light up.
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The report reveals that cigarettes are so widely available across NSW that it is easier to find places selling cigarettes than prescription medications.

Pharmacies are outnumbered five to one compared to places selling cigarettes and Australia Post outlets are outnumbered eight to one.

A Cancer Council audit of more than 1700 retailers selling tobacco found that the current self-notification system, whereby businesses are permitted to sell cigarettes provided they inform the NSW government of their intention to do so, is flawed – with one in four audited outlets breaking retail laws.

Kate Maloney for Cancer Council Western NSW said that although cigarettes kill more than 15,000 Australians per year, there is no reliable system to monitor how they are sold or to safeguard the community.

“Our suburbs and towns are flooded with cigarettes. They are sold on street corners across NSW, including near schools, tempting children and adolescents to experiment with smoking,” Ms Maloney said.

“It’s ridiculous that you need a licence to go fishing, yet pretty much anybody can sell a harmful and addictive product like cigarettes freely without any monitoring of how, when or where they are sold.”

The audit found that on average, there were more than 17 places selling cigarettes in each postcode in NSW.

“This is far more than smokers need to get reasonable access to cigarettes,” Ms Maloney said. “Having so many outlets means there is a constant temptation, especially for those who are trying to quit.”

She added the government could help smokers who were trying to quit, and protect children, by introducing a licensing scheme for businesses selling tobacco.

For more information on the report visit www.cancercouncil. or for information or help to quit smoking www.icanquit南京夜网.au

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