‘Enough is enough’

Aussies are being told to ease up on slang at work.
Nanjing Night Net

The Harmony in the Workplace guide says Australian culture can seem “alien” to migrants.

Well duh, most migrants don’t speak English, even English- speaking migrants can be confused by some of our jargon.

Migrants come to our shores for many reasons and in most cases are welcomed, but it is also not unreasonable for Australians to expect these newcomers to assimilate into the Australian lifestyle.

This should include learning our customs and language and being valuable members of the community.

Not just Australia but the rest of the English-speaking world has been affected by political correctness.

No more Merry Christmas, it’s Happy Holidays, no more Easter celebrations, Christmas functions or other Christian celebrations in case it offends non Christians, now they want to start giving our slang the a—.

Where will this all end and when will people say enough is enough?



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