FEDERAL ELECTION: $3.1 million to reduce emissions and improve manufacturing

A press release from Michelle Rowland ahead of the September 7 federal election.
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The Rudd Labor Government is helping one of New South Wales’ oldest and most successful family owned meat industry businesses modernise its operations to reduce emissions and upgrade its Riverstone site.

AJ Bush and Sons will use a $3.1 million grant funded by the carbon price from Labor’s Clean Technology Investment Program for a project that is expected to eliminate the company’s direct carbon price liability, reduce the carbon emissions intensity of the site by 43 per cent and result in savings of over $1 million in energy costs per year.

The project will involve the installation of a second covered anaerobic lagoon to capture all remaining methane biogas emitted from the plant for use as a bio-fuel in site boilers, upgrade to a high efficiency hydrolyser and dryer in the feather rendering line and upgrading the site’s wastewater treatment.

Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said that these changes are exactly the sort of practical improvements that the Rudd Labor Government wants to see as part of its plan to create jobs and industries for the future.

“Labor’s Clean Technology Investment Programs have helped achieve real change with over 580 grants, supported by over $300 million in Federal Government funding approved to date, meaning total new project investment of over $1 billion in clean technology around Australia,” Senator Carr said.

“The upgrades that AJ Bush and Sons are undertaking here in Riverstone with support from the Rudd Labor Government will deliver ongoing benefits to strengthen their business operations for years to come.

“This business has been creating Australian jobs and boosting local economies since 1909 – Federal Labor wants to see that success continue and we welcome their commitment to revitalising their operations for a sustainable future.”

Member for Greenway, Michelle Rowland said the grant would help them reduce both their power bills and carbon emissions.

“By helping manufacturers invest in energy efficient capital equipment, low emissions technologies, processes and products, Labor is supporting projects that are good for businesses, good for the environment and good for the local economy,” Ms Rowland said.

The Clean Technology Investment Programs include the Clean Technology Investment Program and the Clean Technology Food and Foundries Program.

Funding for this grant is already provided for in the Budget.

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