Federal election: Higgins candidates’ Q&A, Leanne Price

TWR put three questions to candidates in the Higgins electorate to help voters make up their minds at the upcoming election. Below are their responses.
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LEANNE PRICE (Rise Up Australia)

What is the most important federal issue for the electorate of Higgins?

We have always been strong in retail and manufacturing, mostly relying on Australian made. Since the government lowered tariffs on foreign imports in the 1980s, we have seen a gradual decline in Australian made products and manufacturing. Hence, in order to stay competitive with cheaper (more inferior) brands, Australian companies are now manufacturing overseas, causing instability in job security.

Small businesses are under threat due to high rent and the effects of the bigger food chains that dominate the market. Unfortunately, shop owners are forced to walk away unable to cope with the rising prices. Tarrifs need to be reviewed, for the sake of Australian’s future in manufacturing and the livelihood of the people with small businesses.

What would be the first local issue you would tackle were you to win your seat?

On being elected I would work on issues relating to small business as there are many areas within Higgins which deal in retail. Also working with local councils in different areas, as there is a breakdown of community in some areas from what it once was. The people’s needs are the focus, not infrastructure that the people can’t afford.

Rank the following five issues in order of importance (from a personal perspective, not necessarily according to party policy).



Asylum seekers

Climate change

Higgins federal election candidate Leanne Price.


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