Federal election: Higgins candidates’ Q&A, Phillip Dall

TWR put three questions to candidates in the Higgins electorate to help voters make up their minds at the upcoming election. Below are their responses.
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PHILLIP DALL (Palmer United Party)

What is the most important federal issue for the electorate of Higgins?

The most important issue or initiatives for this electorate is to stimulate the economy and get money flowing.

What would be the first local issue you would tackle were you to win your seat?

I wish to find out why the trains are still going so slowly over Burke Road and why is the Monash treated so differently than the other multi-lane roads in Melbourne.

Rank the following five issues in order of importance (from a personal perspective, not necessarily according to party policy).



Asylum Seekers


Climate Change

Higgins federal election candidate Phillip Dall. Picture: Supplied


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