Federal election: Higgins candidates’ Q&A, Wesa Chau

Higgins federal election candidate Wesa Chau. Picture: ModformTWR put three questions to candidates in the Higgins electorate to help voters make up their minds at the upcoming election. Below are their responses.
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What is the most important federal issue for the electorate of Higgins?

One important issue for people in Higgins is education and affordable childcare. The ALP has delivered the better school reform to ensure every child will receive a good education. In addition, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced $450 million to improve before- and after-hours school care, which would allow schools to offer flexible opening hours and new high quality activities, such as music lessons, supervised sport and homework clubs. In addition, families will continue to receive 50 per cent Child Care Rebate (of up to $7500 a year). This enables women to participate in the workforce.

In addition, the NBN infrastructure is important for businesses and homes, whereby we are offered two possible forms of access to information and technology. The Liberal Party would offer a slower network which would be more expensive for each of us to connect. The ALP offers a superfast network that provides connectivity directly to each of our homes and small businesses.

What would be the first local issue you would tackle were you to win your seat?

I have been out and about in the community, at our train stations and our shopping centres in Higgins. I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet the people of Higgins and discuss the issues which concern them. From these discussions, one local issue I would tackle first is to ensure there is affordable access to quality education and opportunities for children and young people.

Rank the following five issues in order of importance (from a personal perspective, not necessarily according to party policy).



Asylum seekers


Climate Change


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