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Liberal candidate for Parramatta Martin Zaiter announced today the Coalition will invest $500,000 in a hydrotherapy pool at Merrylands if it is elected at the 7 September election.

Mr Zaiter was joined at today’s announcement by Deputy Leader of the Federal Opposition Julie Bishop and the Mayor of Holroyd City Council Ross Grove.

“I am proud to announce this $500,000 funding commitment by the Coalition, which will see a hydrotherapy pool built at Merrylands,” Mr Zaiter said.

“The funding will be provided to Holroyd City Council which will construct the hydrotherapy pool at Merrylands Swimming Centre – which is in the Parramatta electorate.

“Hydrotherapy is a great way for people who are less mobile or who have been injured to get exercise or complete a rehabilitation program.

“Some people are unable to complete land based exercise or treatment due to pain, but in a hydrotherapy pool there is much less stress on their joints.

“The hydrotherapy pool will be incredibly valued by the local community and it is something Holroyd Council has been proposing for some time.”

Ms Bishop said the $500,000 funding will greatly benefit local residents.

“Martin Zaiter has been incredibly persistent in fighting to get funding for the hydrotherapy pool at Merrylands,” Ms Bishop said.

“Martin is a first-rate candidate and if elected he will be a powerful advocate for the people of Parramatta in Canberra.


A Coalition government will work with surf lifesaving, the Royal Life Saving Society and AUSTSWIM to reduce the number of drownings across Australia says Martin Zaiter, Liberal Candidate for Parramatta.

“This is a practical plan that works with water safety experts to reduce the number of drownings on our beaches, waterways and rivers and in pools and bathtubs,” Mr Zaiter said.

“Australians love the water, but sadly five people every week lose their life to drowning.

“Most drownings are, in some way, avoidable: that is why we must invest in prevention.

“Our policy funds the experts whose work saves lives every day: Australia’s surf lifesaving clubs, the Royal Life Saving Society and AUSTSWIM.

“Our plan will provide local surf clubs will average grants of $25,000 over five years to assist them purchase needed equipment, first aid and medical supplies.

“A typical surf club spends $3,000 a year on medical supplies like lotions, band-aids and bandages, so these grants will help surf clubs make ends meet.

“We will also provide $2 million to expand the successful Beach Drowning Black Spot Reduction programme.

“As currents can be as dangerous as rips, our policy also works with the Royal Life Saving Society to Australia to identify ways of improving water safety on our inland waterways. This includes targeting alcohol consumption, the safe use of watercraft as well as providing practical training on things like water safety and CPR.

“This is a practical policy that will, over time, save many families from heartache.

“The Coalition’s $15 million commitment is part of our Real Solutions Plan to build a stronger Australia and a better future – for all Australians.”

Coalition promise to Parramatta schools: We will match funding

“Schools need certainty and so the Coalition will match the dollar-for-dollar commitments already made by the government to schools over the next four years,” Martin Zaiter said.

“While the Rudd-Gillard Government has made a mess of school funding arrangements with seven different Gonski deals in place, we know that schools and parents need certainty.”

The announcement by Tony Abbott means that if elected, a Coalition government will:

– ensure Commonwealth schools funding committed by Labor for school year 2014 will flow to all states and territories irrespective of whether they have signed a deal with the Gillard or Rudd Government;

– amend the Australian Education Act to ensure the states, territories and non-government sectors keep authority for their schools; and

– match the Commonwealth funding for schools committed by Labor over the forward estimates.

“Most importantly, local schools will have the funding certainty but without a national takeover of schools.

“We will work co-operatively with the States and Territories to deliver a better education system.

“I want schools to deliver better quality education through better teaching, better teachers, more community engagement, and more principal autonomy as well as through fair funding,” Martin Zaiter.


A Coalition Government will cut the company tax rate by 1.5 per cent from 1 July 2015.

Thousands of businesses in Parramatta will benefit from the tax cut said Liberal candidate, Martin Zaiter.

“This tax cut will boost jobs and strengthen the economy,’’ Mr Zaiter said.

“I know that businesses are under pressure and people are concerned about their job security. Cutting company tax will increase investment and jobs and build a stronger economy with higher wages.

“Local businesses are doing it tough with thousands of new regulations, the carbon tax, the latest FBT hit and uncertainty in the economy – and they need relief from cost pressures, just like families do.

“With unemployment already at the highest level in 14 years – and set to surge further to nearly 800,000 on the Government’s own forecasts – cutting tax is crucial to strengthening the economy and creating the right environment for jobs.

“I know that not every small business is registered as a company, but many are and that means they will get the benefit of a new 28.5 per cent company tax rate.

“Lowering the company tax rate is part of our Plan to build a strong, prosperous economy with more investment and more jobs.

“The Coalition’s Real Solutions Plan will create one million new jobs within five years – and we will do it by cutting company tax, abolishing the carbon tax, cutting $1billion in red tape and not proceeding with Labor’s $1.8 billion FBT hit on cars.

“For six years Mr Rudd and Labor have talked about a company tax cut but have not delivered – if elected, the Coalition will deliver a company tax cut.’’


Families in Parramatta will be an average of over $550 better off next financial year as a result of the Coalition’s plan to scrap the carbon tax said Liberal candidate, Martin Zaiter.

“Kevin Rudd’s carbon tax adds to the cost of living. It is a tax on electricity, it’s a tax on gas and it hurts family budgets,’’ said Mr Zaiter.

“As the carbon tax goes up, so will families’ cost of living.

“Only the Coalition will reduce your cost of living by abolishing the carbon tax.’’

Mr Zaiter said that on the Government’s own figures, the carbon tax will increase six

-fold between mid-2014 and mid 2019 reaching $38 a tonne by 2019 and increasing to $350 a tonne over time.

“That means if Labor is re-elected, average families will pay $3,000 in carbon tax over the next six years.

“Only the Coalition will scrap the carbon tax lock, stock and barrel.

“And the Coalition will also keep the current income tax thresholds and the current pension and benefit fortnightly rates while scrapping the carbon tax.’’

Mr Zaiter said this means local workers, families and pensioners will keep the tax cuts and fortnightly pension and benefit increases provided in Labor’s carbon tax package, but without the carbon tax.

“As a result, these tax cuts and fortnightly benefit increases will become genuine cost-of-living relief, worth around $4 billion a year, rather than partial compensation for Labor’s damaging carbon tax hit.’’

Mr Zaiter said this means that– based on the Government’s own figures –under the Coalition:

– average families will be better off by more than $550 a year in 2014-15, rising to around $900 a year in 2019-20; and

– over the next six years, average families will be $3,000 better off under the Coalition than under Kevin Rudd’s carbon tax.


Liberal candidate for Parramatta, Martin Zaiter said the election is a clear choice between more of the same from Labor and real change from the Coalition.

“The choice between the major parties could not be clearer,’’ Mr Zaiter said.

“At this election, the Coalition offers strong, experienced and stable government, a stronger economy, stronger borders, a stronger Australia and a better future for all Australians.

“Labor is offering just more of the same: more talk, more chaos, more division, more

debt, more deficits and more taxes.

“Only the Coalition can form the strong, stable government to deliver a stronger economy with more jobs, real help for families and small business, lower taxes and secure borders.

“We are getting a positive response in Parramatta and throughout Australia – people want a government that can deliver more jobs and a stronger economy.

Mr Zaiter said the Real Solutions Plan lays down 10 clear actions that we will take which will make our country stronger and families more secure:

– We will build a stronger, more diverse economy with lower taxes, less waste.

– We will get the Budget back under control

– Help families get ahead by freeing them from the carbon tax

– Help small businesses grow by reducing business costs

– Build a Five-Pillar economy

– Generate one million new jobs over the next five years and two million new jobs within 10 years

– Build more modern infrastructure to get things moving

– Deliver better health and education services with local communities in charge

– Build a 15,000-strong Green Army to clean-up the environment

– The boats will stop with tough, proven measures not talk from proven boat failures.

Mr Zaiter said he will be campaigning every day between now and the election on the positive choice offered by the Coalition at this election.

“It is only by voting for the Coalition that our community can get a strong voice in a better government.”


The Shadow spokesperson for Families, Housing and Human Services, Kevin Andrews, and Liberal Candidate for Parramatta, Martin Zaiter, met with child care providers in Western Sydney yesterday.

“Despite promising to address child care affordability, Labor has delivered increased costs and serious shortages of qualified staff,” Mr Andrews said.

“There is incredible pressure on child care centres to increase fees over next few years due to Labor’s red tape drowning the sector.”

“Over the last three years, child care costs have increased by 27 per cent.’’

“This is having a real impact on families in Parramatta and across Australia,” Mr Zaiter said.

At the 2007 election Labor promised to “end the double drop off” and to build 260 child care and early childhood education centres. Kevin Rudd said it was “critical” to give families access to “quality, affordable childcare”.

Labor dumped this promise in April 2010, when only 38 centres had been committed to.

“Labor’s approach has been to increase the costs for child care service providers, increase bureaucracy, and to reduce support to parents. Labor has no plan, only broken promises.

“The Coalition offers real change and will deliver a genuinely united government and a better future – for all Australians,” Mr Andrews concluded.


Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband, the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, visited the electorate of Parramatta on Thursday to hear the concerns of small business owners in Parramatta and Harris Park, with Liberal candidate for Parramatta, Martin Zaiter.

Mr Turnbull and Mr Zaiter had a highly informative discussion with business owners in Parramatta at Coffee Emporium, before moving onto nearby Harris Park.

“The local business community is concerned at the lack of consumer confidence, resulting from Labor’s carbon tax which is driving up the cost of living for local residents,” Mr Zaiter said.

“Business owners themselves are also being hit with double-digit utility price increases, which they have to absorb, given they receive no compensation from this Labor Government.

“Mr Turnbull – as a self-made businessman before entering Parliament – could identify with these problems and has first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing businesses.

“Business owners were also hesitant to invest in new staff or equipment for fear of Labor imposing more sudden taxes, such as the recent fringe benefits tax (FBT) changes to salary-packaged vehicle arrangements.

“I would like to thank Mr Turnbull – who would be an integral part of a Coalition cabinet – for engaging with our local business community.”

Mr Turnbull said the concerns raised by business owners in Parramatta echoed those he had heard as he travelled across the country.

“Wherever I go, I hear the same thing; businesses are worried that Labor continues to announce new taxes and cut spending often without any notice or long-term planning,” Mr Turnbull said.

“In recent weeks, we have seen the introduction of ill-considered changes to FBT arrangements, NBN cost blowouts and now a potential tax on bank savings, to name but a few.

“It’s little wonder that business and consumer confidence is low here in Parramatta and across the country.

“We have a strong team, with a proven track record of stable Government and delivering strong economic growth.”

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