VIDEO: Jail for driver who rammed cop shop

Source: Warrnambool Standard
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The irate driver who burst through the front of the Warrnambool police station in a four-wheel-drive felt the full weight of the law today and been jailed for three years.

Forty-one-year-old Glenn Shalders, of Mortlake Road, Warrnambool, had pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to three counts of intentionally damaging property, two charges of reckless conduct endangering death and single counts of dangerous driving, assaulting and resisting police and breaching an intervention order.

He will have to serve a minimum 18 months before being eligible for parole.

On the evening of June 30 Shalders used his mother’s Pajero to smash into his mother-in-law’s vehicle, a wooden fence and his former girlfriend’s car a number of times, while she was in the vehicle, before he careered through the entrance of the police station.

Magistrate Ian von Einem said Shalders’ final and most dangerous act was, deliberately driving into the front of the place station at between 50 and 60 km/h while pursuing police officer was trying to pull him over.

“How your conduct did not result in serious injury or death was simply good luck,” he said.

“The effect on others was extreme according to victim impact statements. It’s probably something your ex-wife and children will never forget. They are now in constant fear. They are in no way responsible for what you did.”

Mr von Einem said according go Shalders’ solicitor Matt Senia, the incident was prompted by police not immediately responding to a a call from Shalders about the possible theft of his tools by the defendant’s ex-wife.

He said that claim carried little weight considering Shalders’ total overreaction.

The magistrate said he had been told Shalders was not taking medication but he felt that the eight stubbies the defendant had consumed probably had a bigger effect on him setting out on a course of destruction.

Mr von Einem said he hadalso heard historical evidence relating to Shalders’ finding out about 15 months ago that his house was not paid off and that he had negligible equity in the property because of his ex-wife’s misconduct.

The magistrate said that even if that was true, which he doubted, that it did not justify Shalders’ actions.

He said he found it disturbing that Shalders still cared for his former girlfriend but had “utter contempt” for his ex-wife which indicated a lack of remorse.

Mr von Einem said police stations, and the people in them, were in place to protect the community. He said there had to be a strong message sent to the community that such behaviour would not be tolerated.

The magistrate said Shalders should not be released on parole until he was in a stable condition and had his anger under control.

The moment a car slammed through the front doors of the Warrnambool Police Station taken from the station’s CCTV system.

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