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BUCKS: the week in finance

THE merger of the state’s four port corporations into one seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Back in 2006, when the state government made the move, the theory was putting the Devonport, Burnie, Bell Bay and Hobart ports under one umbrella made sense, not least because it would remove duplication and, presumably, allow efficiencies.

However, what was overlooked, or underplayed, was the competition benefit to shippers and, therefore, consumers, the previous rivalries between the ports provided.

There was nothing the Devonport port hierarchy loved better than getting one over Burnie, which was always keen to gain business from Devonport or elsewhere.

And they both loved having a crack at Bell Bay, in the healthy way competing businesses do.

All this created better deals for customers, so good on the three of them, especially as all three were well run and among the few government owned entities at state or federal level which were actually business minded.

Hobart was a different animal, being more involved in real estate than actual shipping.

That all ended when TasPorts was formed.

Among other things, that created a monopoly, with a monopoly’s ability to avoid worrying about competition at all.

This may be only a minor factor in the current high costs afflicting Tasmanian exporters and importers.

But all the factors in that equation must be dealt with.


There is a widely held theory business confidence picks up after an election is held.

Given the current campaign appears to have been running for about three years (in a practical sense), if the theory is right the effect should be pronounced.

A possible dampener in Tasmania is we will then be into the six-month lead-up to the state election.


One very useful boost for Tasmanian business and households will be the expected 5.23 per cent drop in power prices from January 1.

The Liberals are right to point out this follows enormous increases in recent years.

But a drop of more than 5 per cent beats the stuffing out of what we have been getting.

Even more enticing is that, if the state government is right, prices should be flat or even fall further beyond that.

Lower power prices mean more jobs and better lifestyles.

Tasmania, of course, should have the lowest power prices in the nation because of our Hydro system, so this is not the end of the issue.


When one considers the large gap in average wages between men and women, the easiest and quickest assumption is women are discriminated against.

Some are, one expects.

But how much of a factor that is is incredibly hard to measure.

There are some clear factors which would play a role in the $116.80 a week gap between men and women in Tasmania working full-time (ABS figures).

One is that the lowest paid sectors – retail and accommodation and food services -have more female workers than male workers by some margin.

So those two big industries would be dragging down the overall female average pay.

At the other end of the scale, mining is by far the highest paying industry, and mining jobs are absolutely dominated by men.

So mining is pushing up the average male wage by far more than it is the average female wage.

Baby making is another factor.

When children are born to working couples, it is much more likely to be the woman who stays home with the very young child than the man.

Let’s say those two people are young lawyers, working at the same firm, with similar capabilities, experience and income.

After the birth, she stays home for, say, three years, and returns to (quite possibly part-time) work at age 30.

By that stage he is a junior partner, with three years’ more experience and a higher income.

It can happen the other way around if the man stays home to look after the child, but that is less common at this stage.

(The logical thing would be for the person with the lower wages and/or lesser career prospects to stay home with infant, and there are plenty of dads who wish they had been able to do that).

Anyhow, the factors mentioned above are all measurable.

How many women get a lesser deal on pay simply because they are women is much harder to determine.

It may be 1 per cent of them, it may be 71 per cent of them.

BUCKS has no idea and little confidence in seeing reliable estimates on the matter any time soon.

Especially since there wouldn’t be too many firms/bosses who would come out and admit to gender-based discrimination on pay.


Interesting to see Rudd Labor adopting as policy an idea from the Coalition the ALP rubbished mercilessly.

Tony Abbott has promised a white paper on developing northern Australia, including creating a low-tax zone.

Labor has now adopted the low-tax zone idea as policy (no rigour, no study, no cost-benefit analysis; think pink batts for crocodiles).

There is no doubt northern Australia has massive economic development potential.

As does Aboriginal Australia.

Both must be pursued.

But setting up low-tax zones is no sort of answer.

Like most forms of positive discrimination and market distortion, it raises many negative prospects and creates at least as many losers as winners.

Most importantly for Tasmanians and most of the rest of Australia, it creates a vastly uneven playing field.

Also – and don’t expect to hear this from Liberals or Labor any time soon – the Northern Territory is already booming and is the only one of the eight states or territories which is.

It doesn’t need a special tax deal, it needs good governance and leadership, as do we all.

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SFNL results from round 17

Scroll down for round 17 resultsSeniors 2013

MILDURA v. MERBEINRound 17 – 17/08/2013

Mildura 2.4, 4.8, 12.14, 15.15 (105)

Merbein 0.2, 6.3, 6.3, 8.5 (53)

GOALS, Mildura : A. Matthews 3, M. Healy 3, M. Eccles 2, C. Rossiter 2, R. O’Callaghan 1, V. Tassone 1, M. Stevens 1, T. Hughes 1, J. Vallance 1. Merbein : J. Galway 2, B. Davis-Burns 2, M. Duscher 1, C. O’Brien 1, S. Clark 1, H. Harris 1.

BEST, Mildura : J. Vallance, C. Rossiter, V. Tassone, R. O’Callaghan, M. Eccles, T. Hughes.Merbein : B. Davis-Burns, L. Roberts, M. Thomson, J. Cavallo, M. Timmis, S. Clark


IRYMPLE v. IMPERIALS Round 17 – 17/08/2013

Irymple 3.3, 5.5, 12.7, 15.11 (101)

Imperials 1.3, 3.4, 3.6, 7.9 (51)

GOALS, Irymple : D. Deangelis 3, Z. Peake 2, N. Pezzaniti 2, S. Curran 2, N. Hamence 1, R. Dowdy 1, B. Heeps 1, T. George 1, B. Eaton 1, D. Gordon 1. Imperials : J. McNally 2, J. Fox 1, R. Doherty 1, Z. Lemon 1, L. Sicker 1, D. Darby 1.

BEST, Irymple : N. Hamence, M. Condidorio, B. Eaton, B. Hodson, A. Baynes, B. Mentiplay.Imperials : R. Hards, R. Keating, B. Rhodes, A. Douglas, L. Sicker, J. Collins


RED CLIFFS v. WENTWORTH Round 17 – 17/08/2013

Red Cliffs 4.3, 5.5, 6.8, 14.9 (93)

Wentworth 2.4, 6.7, 9.8, 10.12 (72)

GOALS, Red Cliffs : W. Williams 3, S. Motlop 3, T. Moncur 3, M. Faulkhead 3, J. Marciano 1, M. Hahnel 1. Wentworth : W. Brady 2, C. Lando 2, A. Wall 1, N. Jensen 1, D. Tyers 1, N. Cottrell 1, M. Cameron 1, D. Johnston 1

BEST, Red Cliffs : B. Oldham, A. Jardine, J. Jackson, J. Birch, M. Faulkhead, C. Lee.Wentworth : M. Alvey, W. Brady, J. Dean, M. Cameron, T. Watson, C. Andrews.


SOUTH MILDURA v. ROBINVALE Round 17 – 17/08/2013

South Mildura 5.2, 8.4, 12.9, 17.12 (114)

Robinvale 1.4, 3.9, 7.13, 11.17 (83)

GOALS, South Mildura : L. McClelland 7, D. Fox 4, B. Thomas 2, N. Johns 1, B. Wood 1, A. Gauci 1, J. Raiti 1. Robinvale : L. Duryea 4, M. Walter 3, D. Falvo 1, I. Mennie 1, P. Zappia 1, L. Johnson 1.

BEST, South Mildura : L. McClelland, N. Johns, D. Fitzgerald, T. Curtis, A. Gauci, E. Goldsworthy.Robinvale : L. Duryea, D. Falvo, M. Walter, J. Neyland, D. Albanese, J. Garreffa


Reserves 2013

MILDURA v. MERBEIN Round 17 – 17/08/2013

Merbein 1.0, 5.4, 6.7, 8.12 (60)

Mildura 2.5, 4.7, 5.9, 5.9 (39)

GOALS, Merbein : B. Guy 1, E. Zoch 1, J. Longeri 1, C. Cucia 1, B. Congress 1, R. Sedgmen 1, W. Cavallo 1, D. Scutcheon 1. Mildura : J. Gray 2, T. Cardew 1, A. Spencer 1, J. Stewart 1

BEST, Merbein : C. Cucia, C. Longeri, J. Wright, T. Micale, T. Kelly, B. Guy. Mildura : A. Spencer, K. Davidson, A. Moore, D. Carmichael, M. Smith, J. Andriske


IRYMPLE v. IMPERIALS Round 17 – 17/08/2013

Irymple 6.3, 9.5, 11.9, 13.13 (91)

Imperials 0.1, 2.3, 3.4, 3.7 (25)

GOALS, Irymple : A. Ryan 5, N. Hura 2, D. Strike 2, P. Silberer 2, L. Dowdy 1, D. Bartels 1. Imperials : B. Grice 1, J. Roberts 1, R. McNally 1

BEST, Irymple : D. Strike, J. Fox, P. Silberer, J. Lehmann, N. Hura, L. Dowdy. Imperials : B. Grice, R. McNally, M. Rigby, A. Hickey, S. Gribble, H. Shepherd


RED CLIFFS v. WENTWORTH Round 17 – 17/08/2013

Red Cliffs 4.3, 9.8, 14.14, 16.16 (112)

Wentworth 0.1, 1.1, 1.1, 2.3 (15)

GOALS, Red Cliffs : R. McGlashan 6, S. Foreman 3, L. McGlashan 3, J. Kennedy 1, L. Leslie 1, N. Gowers 1, A. Brymer 1. Wentworth : R. Cameron 1, J. Wilkie 1

BEST, Red Cliffs : S. Foreman, J. McGlashan, L. McGlashan, C. Gowers, R. McGlashan, N. Gowers. Wentworth : S. Morrison, C. Davison, C. Pahl, J. Collett, J. Slimmon, J. Wilkie


SOUTH MILDURA v. ROBINVALE Round 17 – 17/08/2013

South Mildura 6.5, 11.11, 14.14, 19.20 (134)

Robinvale 2.0, 2.0, 2.2, 2.2 (14)

GOALS, South Mildura : J. Parker 6, N. Reck 3, P. Cammisotto 3, D. Sitters 2, B. Fitzgerald 2, W. Sparkes 1, J. Panagiotaros 1, B. Beswick 1. Robinvale : I. Hingano 1, S. Rickets 1

BEST, South Mildura : J. Parker, J. Powell, B. Moore, A. Pantarotto, B. Fitzgerald, D. Sitters. Robinvale : C. Hannah, V. Fotia, S. Rickets, T. Ikafanga, B. Taggert, C. Dawes


Under 18 2013

MILDURA v. MERBEIN Round 17 – 17/08/2013

Mildura 1.4, 3.4, 6.11, 8.12 (60)

Merbein 1.1, 4.5, 5.6, 7.9 (51)

GOALS, Mildura : H. Kerr 3, F. Sbaglia 2, M. Rogerson 1, C. Humphreys 1, T. Costa 1. Merbein :F. Mulder 2, J. Stewart 2, L. O’Neil 1, J. Fallon 1, G. Hill 1.

BEST, Mildura : T. Costa, F. Sbaglia, M. Rogerson, L. Logan, M. Noonan, B. Hallam. Merbein : T. Irvin, N. Benton, J. Stewart, I. McKinnon, N. Robertson, G. Hill.


IRYMPLE v. IMPERIALS Round 17 – 17/08/2013

Irymple 4.7, 11.18, 15.22, 18.28 (136)

Imperials 1.1, 1.1, 1.4, 1.4 (10)

GOALS, Irymple : J. Burford 6, S. Brinsmead 3, J. Moritz 3, K. Russell 2, F. Cirillo 1, D. Mulder 1, C. Baker 1, S. Bell 1.Imperials : D. Whitehouse 1.

BEST, Irymple : J. Moritz, K. Russell, K. Schrapel, J. Burford, R. Payne, S. Brinsmead.Imperials :S. Vanek, L. Hickey, J. Hill, J. Tassone, J. Wright, S. Douglas


SOUTH MILDURA v. ROBINVALE Round 17 – 17/08/2013

South Mildura 5.3, 9.9, 12.11, 19.15 (129)

Robinvale 1.1, 1.2, 1.2, 1.2 (8)

GOALS, South Mildura : J. Berry 4, B. Circosta 4, M. Chisari 3, J. Parker 3, F. Doddridge 2, L. Pain 1, T. Seaman 1, Z. Gillard 1.Robinvale : R. Zappia 1

BEST, South Mildura : B. Circosta, J. Berry, M. Chisari, N. Callipari, Z. Gillard, J. Cogan.Robinvale : C. Taggert, S. Calarco, T. Zappia, L. Mafi, Z. Togo-Singh, J. McGinty.

See the full round up of local football and netball inside Monday’s Sunraysia Daily lift-out ‘After the Siren’.

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Hazard reduction burns to north and south

HAZARD reduction burns will be carried out on Friday at Nords Wharf and Tomaree National Park.

The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) will conduct a hazard reduction burn at Nords Wharf near the public school on Marine Parade.

Both the NPWS and RFS advise that residents in the area should expect smoke.

PHOTOS: Our week through the lens

A selection of the week’s best photos from Fairfax photographers around the NSW South-East.

ULLADULLA: Year seven student Anton Carriage takes the lead with his didgeridoo during a gathering of Ulladulla High’s current and former Aboriginal students last week. Photo: GLENN ELLARD

MORUYA: Waiting times to see a psychiatrist in the Eurobodalla have been drastically reduced thanks to a new telehealth psychiatry service in Moruya. Pictured is Sydney psychiatrist Dr Leticia Aydos (on screen) who will provide weekly telehealth psychiatry consultations in Moruya, supported by mental health nurse Paula Howe.

NOWRA: Tony Bretherton after being rescued from the Shoalhaven River when his punt capsized on Monday afternoon.

MORUYA: Bibbenluke skydiving granny Lorraine Roberson celebrates her 85th birthday by jumping with Skydive Oz and its tandem master Scott Hiscoe with it also announced this week that the company will receive a $110,000 to develop an Extreme Sports complex at Moruya airport.

NAROOMA: Jackie Jones (left) gave a brave victim impact statement at the murder trial of the man who killed her sister Justine. He received a 10-year prison sentence for her manslaughter after earlier being acquitted of murder.

NOWRA: Marine Rescue volunteers Liz Shaw, Bill Smith and skipper Mike Boadle drag Tony Bretherton from the Shoalhaven River on Monday afternoon after his punt capsized.

NOWRA: Shoalhaven City Turf Club track manager Chris Nation will be working at Flemington during the biggest race meet of the year – the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

NAROOMA: This week is Haemochromatosis Awareness Week Carol Atkins is hoping to start a support group in Narooma for those afflicted with the genetic condition that causes the body to absorb too much iron from the food we eat.

BATEMANS BAY: Jack and Ella McNamara celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on Saturday.

NAROOMA: Kianga resident Alan Ryan was among those who recognised NRL legends and Palmer Party candidates Glenn Lazarus and Matt Adamson who were campaigning with Eden-Monaro hopeful and Cooma mayor Dean Lynch in Narooma last week.

BOMBALA: Young Bombala axeman, Aaron Girvan has been invited to chop in the Junior Round Robin contest of the Royal Adelaide Show next month.

NAROOMA: The Narooma Oyster Festival is moving to April. Enjoying this year’s shucking competition are local oyster grower David Maidment and River Cottage Australia host Paul West, with judge and former world-shucking champion Jim Wild.

BOMBALA: Landholders from the Bendoc area discussed the upcoming spring baiting program for wild dogs and foxes at a recent community debrief.

COOMA: Major online retailer birdsnest of Cooma has unveiled its latest fashion collection, That Bird Label, designed exclusively for its own use. The collection is based in feedback from customers after surveying 50,000 Australian women. Pictured are birdsnest founder Jane Cay, designer Penelope Murdoch, Hannah Knight and head buyer Peige Eber.

NAROOMA: Former Narooma local Melissa Hoar, who’s hoping to qualify for the skeleton race at the 2014 Winter Olympics, recently posted this photo on her Facebook page of her training, which shows just how fit she is.

ULLADULLA: Steve and Sharron Rooney are continuing the search for their son Owen who went missing in Canada three years ago.

NAROOMA: Narooma Historical Society president Susan Pryke and Trevor Bennett receive a $1,000 donation from Narooma RSL Sub-Branch president Paul Naylor toward the cost of the plaque honouring the sacrifice and effort of our local veterans in the Second World War.

COOMA: The Cooma CWA put on some great country hospitality for visiting medical students from the Australian National University at the local Ambulance station. The second year students are getting an overview or rural life and medical issues and the CWA treated them to lunch.

MERIMBULA: Only single men need apply…..a new Channel Nine show ‘When love comes to town’ could be filmed in Merimbula.

MERIMBULA: People spilled out of the Clavering Park Chapel on Monday, August 12 as they farewelled Merimbula pharmacist David Dodd who was killed in an accident in Sydney.

ULLADULLA: At 101 Maisie Evans gets behind the wheel of a 1928 Chevrolet (below) almost identical to the one in which she learnt to drive as a 17-year-old.

EDEN: Marg Carson of Bega Valley Family Day Care had her hands full with little palaeontologists Halle Berk, Beau Towill, Callum Gallagher, Blake Bateman and Bailen Berk when the National Dinosaur Museum’s travelling road show came to Eden on Thursday

MERIMBULA: Merimbula teenage pilot Ryan Campbell after landing at Reykjavik, Iceland. The immersion suit is part of the safety gear needed for flying over the cold waters around Greenland.

EDEN: The Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre celebrated Science Week with a lively Brain Break Morning tea at Sprout café on Monday. The fun continues at an open day at the centre on Saturday.

BEGA: Federal Minister for Agriculture Joel Fitzgibbon and Member for Eden-Monaro Mike Kelly meet with Bega Valley Fireweed Association representatives Noel Watson and Tanya Rutter after announcing Labor’s commitment to a $20 million war on weeds should it be re-elected.

GREEN CAPE: The spectacular light house and grounds just south of Eden is the base for two days of celebrations to mark International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, Science Week and the 130th anniversary of the light.

BEGA: Margaret Sly researches local newspapers using the National Library of Australia’s Trove program. Historic Bega papers have now all been digitally scanned and are able to be read and searched online.

EDEN: Eden businesswoman Megan Adams celebrates the 10 year anniversary of her salon, Cheveux By Twofold, today. Mrs Adams has trained four apprentices in that time and is pictured at right with former apprentice and senior stylist Georgia Wiki, and first year apprentice Tiarna Bobbin.

BEGA: Harriett Swift and Jo Dodds stand beside the last remaining gum tree in Littleton Gardens. Its branded message seems prophetic as a council vote on Wednesday resolved to leave the tree standing, for now.

THREDBO: Good snowfalls blanketed the resorts this week.

BEGA: Former Australian One-Day International player Mark Higgs is heading to Bega next month for a series of coaching clinics.

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Trophies up for grabs

Wellington PCYC Cowboys JRL club will be holding its presentation on Saturday September 21 at 3pm at the Wellington RSL Club. .

JRL club perpetual trophies such as Nelson Smith Most Improved Mini Player, Bryan Johnson Coaches’ Award, Ab Towney Outstanding Player, Trent Runciman Most Consistent Player, Memory of Bill Darney Best and Fairest Player, Paul West Most Improved Mod Player, Memory of Rab Herring Clubperson, Memory of Luke Kelly Most Courageous Player, Indigenous Sportsman Award and many more.

Come along and celebrate with the young Cowboys players.

Also the club’s AGM will be held at the RSL club at 11am on the same day.

Best of luck to the SRL Cowboys over the weekend playing in their semi-final game at Kennard.

Cowboys, rip into those Raiders.

‘Ride them home Cowboys’

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Car set alight on Glen Logan Road

Police are investigating a report of a motor vehicle which was set alight between 11.55pm on Wednesday, August 14 and 12.50am on Thursday, August 15 2013.

The incident occurred on the Glen Logan Rd Cowra.

As a result of the fire there was extensive damage to the 2007 Ford Fairlane.

Police are investigating a trespass which occurred about 11.15pm on Wednesday, August 14 2013.

The incident occurred in Acacia Pl Cowra.

Police are investigating a report of a steal from retail which occurred between 2.50pm and 2.55pm on Wednesday, August 14 2013.

The incident occurred in Railway St Cowra.

The following person/s have been charged:

About 4.40pm on Wednesday, August 14, 2013, highway patrol police stopped a motor vehicle on the Olympic Hwy Cowra.

Police arrested the 40 year old male driver.

Police charged the male with drive motor vehicle during disqualification period and driver not keep work diary in vehicle as prescribed.

Police granted the male bail to appear at Cowra Local Court on 4 September 2013.

Police are investigating a report too of malicious damage which occurred between 8.15pm and 9.15pm on Tuesday, August 13 2013.

The incident occurred in Fitzroy Ave Cowra.

Cowra Police Station.

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Ashford Bun Bun playgroup

Junior cupcake decorator hard at work. Flynn Cook, Jack Baker, Jasper Lavender and Matilda Burbury smiling up big.

Ford Ngamariki and Koen Waddell.

Tamika Dukes, Makala Arnold and Natalie White from Macintyre High School were there to lend a hand.

Mikesha Lavender samples a cupcake.

Face painting was a popular part of the day.

Kimberley Welton-Goldsmith was the ‘face artist’ on the day and Cobi-Lee Short with her mum Caitlin Vickers give her talents a test run.

Kaleia McDonald and Elizabeth Ngamariki waiting for their turn to have their faces painted.

Helper Bec Ayton gives Summer Austin a routine clean up.

Flynn Cook with one BIG ball of homemade play dough.

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Nail-biter for our U13 Redbacks

When two irremovable forces come together you are left wondering how long it will take before either one will give an inch and that is what happened on Saturday at Montefiores, when our under 13’s played Cowra in the last club round of the season. However the match had turned out to be an early semi-final as both teams, being one point apart on the ladder, needed to win to go through to the semi-finals.

Wellington had beaten Cowra in the first round by two points so it was no surprise that this game unfolded the way it did.

The early signs were good for the Redbacks and they appeared to be right on top well into the first half. Damon Leigh was right back to his best charging into the line at every opportunity and Liam Brien’s pick and drive tactics sent the opposition reeling every time he ran the ball.

Almost unheard of in an under 13’s match the score was still nil-all at the half-time break. What can you say to inspire your boys to give more when they have already given everything?

A heart pill was not enough to settle old coach Dougald so the ambos were summoned to bring the defibrillator.

The second half was more of the same with the two sides surging toward each other’s line only to be cut down as if by machine gun fire.

James O’Brien picked up an attacker almost twice his size and buried him in the turf as dad watched on, reminiscing his own glory days.

Cowra almost scored twice, once being pulled up for a forward pass and the next time looked certain to cross out wide when Aaron Kitch seemed to come from nowhere and pulled off a ball and all tackle barrelling the runner over the sideline. Finally with eleven minutes to go an opportunity appeared when Wellington received a penalty goal out on the sideline with Cooper McGeorge stepping up to take the shot, the angle appeared so acute we thought the ball might get wedged between the posts but Joe Cool put it straight over the dot. Cowra would not lay down leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats, and then with five minutes to go Logan Conn split two defenders like a watermelon and planted the ball for a five pointer . Cooper once again converted from almost the same spot and it was all over. What will the semi finals be like if this is only the entree. Final score Wellington 10 Cowra 0, I forgot to get the points I was to excited.

Under 15s beat Dubbo Red 37 to nil.

The under 17s last round game of the season before the finals was a head to head match up against Dubbo Reds. The reds however were short of numbers and had to forfeit but the boys decided to play a friendly match and lend Dubbo players. The game was fantastic! The boys while playing a tough game of footy had a tonne of fun along the way. Plenty of banter, lots of scruffing but most of all there were plenty of smiles. It was so pleasing to watch a game that all the boys just had plain old fashioned fun and was a great reminder what kids sport is all about, Families enjoying their kids doing something they love and having a great time doing it. One mention does have to go to Matt Maskiel who scored his first ever try on the day and he was proud as punch, the smile didn’t leave his face all afternoon. The referee at the end of match commended the boys on spirit in which the game was played and he thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. Thanks to the Dubbo Reds for such and enjoyable afternoon. What was he score at the end of the match I hear you say, well the winners on the day were all of the boys who played and the spectators who were treated to a very special game.

Wellington Redbacks have made it into the semi finals in all three grades and have run third on the Club Championships ladder. We have not had all three grades in the semi finals since 1998, an incredible effort considering the size of our town. So come along and support the boys on Saturday at Orange Waratahs, under 13s kick off at 9 am

Don’t forget the big garage sale everyone can find something to donate so please make the effort to make it a successful day

Contact Ken Blackburn 0427463442 or Ben Blackhall 0427162066 or goods can be dropped at Tyreright

Kenny’s excited

The Under 17’s Wellington in last weekend’s under 13 decider.

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Contract extension for Morabito

FORMER Peel Thunder junior Anthony Morabito had his contract with the Fremantle Dockers extended to the end of 2014 as the gifted midfielder returns from a long injury run.

The 21-year-old has missed the entire 2013 season after rupturing his ACL in January.

It was Morabito’s third knee reconstruction since his breakout 2010 season.

In a statement released by the Fremantle Football Club, football operations general manager Chris Bond confirmed Morabito had been placed on a revised training program that will see him aim for the 2014 pre-season.

“After discussions with Anthony and in conjunction with our medical staff and strength and conditioning staff, it was agreed that the best course of action was to amend our plan to have Anthony play a handful of WAFL games at what would have been the tail end of the 2013 season,” Bond said.

“It was agreed that it was in the best long-term interests of Anthony and his playing career that we continue with a conservative approach for his return to AFL ranks.

“As a result, Anthony will have a short break before returning to the club and preparing for the 2014 pre-season.”

Bond said the modified program would assist Morabito in his long-term recovery.

“By taking this approach, we believe Anthony will be really well-placed to hit the ground running on day one of the 2014 pre-season and be available for selection at the start of the 2014 AFL home and away season.”

Morabito played 23 games for the Dockers after he was taken at pick four in the 2010 national draft.

He underwent his first knee operation in early 2011 before making a return through the Peel Thunder ranks last season.

He played in the reserves and league side before a second knee reconstruction last July set his AFL return back.

While training for the pre-season this year, Morabito again injured his knee in an attempted tackle and elected to undergo the radical LARS surgery.

The talented Peel midfielder had been compared to dual Brownlow medallist Adam Goodes in his break-out 2010 season.

Anthony Morabito has had his contract extended with the Fremantle Dockers to the end of 2014.

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After three decades, hospital stalwart tips retirement is here

Robbie Howarth is retiring after working in the CowraHospital Kitchen for the past 30 years.

More than one hundred people attended his farewell at theCowra Bowling Club last Saturday night.

Starting on April 26 1983, and finishing on July 28, 2013, Robbie earned the title of longest serving kitchen staff at Cowra Hospital.

“I stayed so long because I loved it,” Mr Howarth said.

In that time Robbie has maintained the hospital tipping competition and in 1993 was named Cowra Hospital’s Employee of the Year.

Robbie began, all those years ago, as a Scullery Maid, andworked his way up to Kitchen Hand.

“I have made thousands of sandwiches, and washed a lot ofdishes too,” he said.

According to his colleagues, Robbie was really good at hisjob and easy to get along with.

Leanne Beath is the Hotel Service Manager at Cowra Hospital; she saysRobbie was great to work with.

“Robbie was always early to work, and would always assistanyone who needed any extra help, he was very popular,” she said.

Although Robbie is no longer employed by the hospital, hewill continue to run his beloved footy tipping competition from home, and keepup the visits.

“He has been back every second day since he left to sayhello,” Mrs Beath said.

Robbie and his wife want to travel around Australia intheir retirement.

Pauline Rowston, Robbie Howarth, Jamea Howarth and Leanne Beath help Robbie say good bye to the hospital after thirty years.

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