Politicians bending reality on refugees: church leader

The news that the Coalition will refuse settlement to genuine refugees already in Australia sees the approach to the treatment of asylum seekers and refugees heading for a new low. One can only fear what the current government will do in an attempt to win this destructive competition.
Nanjing Night Net

Our politicians have colluded to cement what I refer to as Australia’s Pocket Universe. Both sides of politics have now agreed to spin the same tale. They have agreed in the telling of a particular story – a story well-supported by the opinion polls and the media.

In a Pocket Universe reality as we know it is suspended, or rather a new reality is created. The time-travel-enabled world of Dr Who is a Pocket Universe, as are the story worlds created by Disney. Pocket Universes operate to their own set of rules and truths: gravity can be defied, animals can talk to humans or people can fly.

The human capacity to create Pocket Universes is testament to the power of narrative. We can tell ourselves a story and then live as if it were true. We can create our own reality.

For years powerful forces in the media and political parties have been spinning an untrue story about asylum seekers, and an equally untrue story about us as a nation. We describe ourselves as generous and compassionate. Generous and compassionate but also battling to cope; battling to cope with an invasion. Asylum seekers are illegal and queue jumpers; economic migrants supported in their mischief by nasty ‘people smugglers’ and an outdated international convention. The smugglers are so wicked, and we are so at risk from an invading force of overwhelming proportions that, as generous and compassionate as we are, we need to set the military on them. This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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