Housewife with higher purpose

PROFESSIONAL psychic Jackie Gillies and rock star husband Ben have swapped the Newcastle beaches for the bright lights and microscope of reality television in Melbourne.
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Mrs Gillies, who married the Silverchair drummer two years ago in Newcastle, began filming The Real Housewives of Melbourne last month and is emerging as the livewire to watch.

But the psychic, who has a two-year-waiting list for clients, is not afraid of being scrutinised on television.

‘‘I’m a very secure person,’’ she said. ‘‘I think every human being is worried about being judged but you must continue to be who you are and be yourself. I need to do my readings; my higher purpose is helping others.’’

One fan Mrs Gillies had no problem securing was her husband Ben.

The drummer and now frontman of his own, called Bento, has been supportive of his wife appearing on the show and regularly plugs the program on Twitter.

‘‘Proud of my lady,’’ he tweeted this week.

Thirty-three-year-old Mrs Gillies has continued to operate her psychic business in Melbourne and said that while she misses the Newcastle beaches, the couple are enjoying the cafes and bars of Melbourne.

‘‘We were moving to Melbourne anyway before I was approached to do the show,’’ she said.

‘‘Ben wanted a creative outlet for the second album for Bento. We are like gypsies; we live in the moment.’’

The couple, who formerly lived in a house at Merewether overlooking the beach, have also started their own line of signature cocktails in Melbourne.

Mrs Gillies said she was a huge fan of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills TV show and is excited to be a part of the Australian version.

‘‘So far, so good,’’ she said of the show.

‘‘All the women are beautiful and intelligent and successful in their own right.’’

The Real Housewives of Melbourne will feature six housewives, including co-founder of the Liberty Belle Skin Centre Andrea Moss and top Melbourne barrister Gina Liano, who enjoy the lavish and pampered lifestyle of Melbourne.

‘‘What woman doesn’t love to shop?’’ Mrs Gillies said.

Jackie Gillies.

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