Appeal leads to jail sentence

A MUSWELLBROOK man who stormed his former partner’s home and bashed her in pursuit of her new boyfriend has been jailed after the Court of Criminal Appeal ruled that a sentence he received earlier this year was inadequate.
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Anthony Eckerman, 27, escaped with a suspended jail term after he pleaded guilty to an aggravated break and enter, but the Director of Public Prosecutions appealed the leniency of that sentence.

The Court of Criminal Appeal ordered Eckerman to serve two years’ imprisonment with a non-parole period of 14 months.

The sentence started in March, but Eckerman only entered custody on Thursday.

Eckerman had threatened to “punch the s— out of” his former partner’s new boyfriend the day before he arrived on her doorstep at 3.30am on June 23 last year, Justice Derek Price said.

She and the boyfriend were woken by Eckerman tapping on their bedroom window before the woman went to the front door.

She refused to let Eckerman in before he tried to slide open a window. He then kicked in a window and walked through it, cutting himself and spilling blood over his hands and the window sill, the court heard.

Eckerman then went in search of the boyfriend who snuck out of the house and rang triple-0.

When Eckerman couldn’t find the boyfriend he grabbed the victim by the throat and punched her in the head while demanding that she tell him where the boyfriend was.

Police arrived minutes later, but Eckerman refused to let them in until his former partner unlocked the front door before she ran and hid.

Eckerman told police, “F— off, you dogs, this has nothing to do with you.” Eckerman was eventually arrested.

Justice Price said he did not understand how the sentencing judge could find that the offence was less frightening for the victims because it was being carried out by someone they knew.

“‘When women [and men] enter into a new domestic relationship they are entitled to do so without the threat of violence from a former partner, ” Justice Price said.

Eckerman will be eligible for parole next May.

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